The AI Stack – A Model Driven Architecture

As digital transformation takes hold, a new generation of applications that depend on a distributed data stack is going into production. These apps require a radically new approach to deal with much higher data volumes and real-time data pipelines. This article is inspired from the book The Digital Transformation by... [Read More]

Predictive Maintenance - Using FB Prophet Package

“The Mantra : Less time spent on figuring out the problem, more time spent on fixing and preventing it “ This notebook is intended to illustrate conditioning monitoring of industrial machinery by walking through a real life dataset of bearing vibration data. The code in Ipython format is hosted at... [Read More]

Enron - The Pitfalls of De-Regulation

With the implementation of Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) as on April, 2019 and an goal towards Market Based Economic Dispatch (MBED), India is paving the way towards a deregulated energy market. This article is a look at the early attempt of the California Energy Market towards de-regulation. As the... [Read More]